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About the Course

Suzanne Baker Brown created this 10-module study as a result of her life-changing encounter with God and the transformation that followed as she made Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God the center of her life. 

Exploring spiritual life? Mature follower of Jesus? If you are interested in digging deep into the Bible, developing supportive relationships, experiencing meaningful growth, and discerning God’s plan for day-to-day life and your future, then this course is for you. 


About the Author

Suzanne Baker Brown

Suzanne’s mission and passion is to help people find whole life health (body, soul and spirit), so that they can step into the life they were created to live. 

Suzanne’s background includes corporate and not-for-profit leadership, management consulting, and extensive work as a speaker, Bible teacher and pastor.  She has been an advocate for women and women’s issues in all of these contexts. As creator of the retreat series' Spiritual Spa, Leadership Refresh, and The Reflection, as well as author of The Life You Were Created to Live course, Suzanne has brought teaching, healing and encouragement to individuals and groups throughout the US and in Asia. 



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